About the Artist

Devi Seetharam is an Indian artist, based in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts- Painting from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore 2011.

Before moving to Australia in 2016; Devi grew up living in China, Cambodia, South Africa, India, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates.

The opportunity of living in several different countries has given her a truly international outlook and aesthetic that is reflected in her works’ subject-matter and style.

She has had both a solo and numerous group shows held in Bahrain, India, Mauritius, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and UAE. 

In her words

“My works are intentionally void of cultural cues. I avoid being tied down by indications of time and space. There are never any specifications of location or environment. No depiction of objects to narrate a story. All of this is because I try to paint a visual that is simple, understated and universal. I aim to depict a mood that transcends our cultural contexts, which one and all can relate to and understand. I am most taken by our sense of being, awareness and consciousness. 

Given my background, cultural identity is not at the forefront of my mind; instead, it is our humanity and therefore our similarities.”