Brothers, Fathers and Uncles

My ongoing series tackles the evident patriarchy in my home community in Kerala, India. Nairs are a caste of Hindu’s that I thought was known as one of the few matriarchal societies in the world. However my research revealed that Nairs in fact only practiced a matrilineal system and my subsequent research stretched my mind  to comprehend the true extent of the patriarchy. It was not my assumed instance of a matriarchy that evolved into a patriarchy but rather a patriarchy that installed the matrilineal system for their own gains, and the slow erosion of this matrilineal system for the same.

“In my language (Malayalam) the term “vayoo noki” translates to staring with your mouth hanging open, men standing around in public spaces gawking at women who pass by.  Men stand around in open spaces, wrapped in their traditional white wrap arounds (a symbol of their purity), their  self-granted sense of status and morality.  I’ve depicted their dark Dravidian skin (tackling their valued beauty standard) and the ground littered with different culturally tied details such as jasmine flowers (that women adorn in their hair) and ‘bidis’ that only men smoke, expressing the passing of time as their presence weighs on. These men wield the authority to occupy a space and assume entitlement over women. Women are scarce in public spaces, and weighed down by the demeaning eye of the men. The work is my process of confronting the social dynamics of my home community”.


Select Works:

Jasmine (Pitchi) || Acrylic on Canvas || 90 x 90 cms


Lucky Red Seeds of the Coralwood || Acrylic on Canvas || 60 x 120 cms


    Tender Coconut || Acrylic on Canvas || 60 x 120 cms


Indian Laburnum || Acrylic on Canvas || 120 x 90 cms


Pookkaran (Temple Flower Vendors) || Acrylic on Canvas || 24 x 20 inches


Karrikku (Tender Coconut) III || Acrylic on Canvas || 36 x 24 inches


Kanakambaram || Acrylic on Canvas || 18 x 18 inches


Untitled || Acrylic on Canvas || 75 x 50 cms


Kanikonna (Indian Laburnum) II || Acrylic on Canvas || 112 x 167 cms


Prayer Beads || Acrylic on Canvas || 75 x 100 cms


Untitled (Mustard) || Acrylic on Canvas || 61 x 92 cms


Karikku (Tender Coconut) IV || Acrylic on Canvas || 112 x 167 cms


Pitchi (Jasmine) || Acrylic on Canvas || 18 x 24 inches


Jasmine || Acrylic on Canvas || 92 x 122 cms