Sleep My Haven

One third of our lives is spent sleeping. A third of life spent in ‘objectless consciousness.’ A third of life taking refuge from our waking lives. Unplugging ourselves gives us the physical and emotional strength to face the next day.

This series has consumed me for years and it continues to evolve. It began with studying the body language of people sleeping alone and in company. It was about bringing a private and intimate act out into the public space, presenting the viewer with the opportunity to observe a placid figure unperturbed by the world that surrounds it, a.k.a the world that the viewer is participating in.

After a summer interning at an animation company, my focus shifted to wanting to document the literal act of sleeping. I tried to capture this by portraying the passing of time and movement that occurs during sleep. I recorded people sleeping, made drawings from the video stills and superimposed those drawings for my compositions.


Select Works:

Untitled || Acrylic on Canvas || 100 x 135 cms


Acrylic on Canvas || 180 x 120 cms
Acrylic on Canvas || 120 x 180 cms


Acrylic on Canvas || 20 x 30 cms (each)



Acrylic on Canvas || 120 x 90 cms (pair)



Midnight Dance || Digital Drawing || 90 x 120 cms



Sleep Study || Acrylic on Canvas || 100 x 65 cms



Site Specific || Mixed Media on Wall || Variable (combined approx. 700cms x 210 cms)


Work in Progress